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What is WIG FREE

Hair you attach to your favorite hat!

WIG FREE is a more comfortable, affordable, beautiful alternative to a wig.
It's simple to use and looks great. It's safe for cancer patients and anyone else with hair loss.

WIG FREE eliminates hot, sweaty, itchy wigs because it attaches directly to your hat not your scalp. It looks natural and feels comfortable and requires no special styling. Just put it on and go.

WIG FREE is easy to attach to most hats. It was created in Japan where it has been widely popular for years.
Recently, WIG FREE won a prestigious “Good Design Award in Japan.

WIG FREE uses a technology that is patented in both Japan and America. The system uses four stainless clips to keep the hair piece attached securely to most any hat you choose. It's also simple to use and care for. Made of a synthetic hair of the highest quality, no one will be able to tell it's not your real hair.

WIG FREE is available in eight different styles and lengths so you can have a curly style one day and be straight the next. It's easily detached and reattached to different hats. And it’s hand washable.

WIG FREE is recommended for anyone with hair loss. And because it attaches to a hat, it won't irritate the scalp.

  • クリップヘアの帽子への取り付け方
  • クリップヘアのインナーキャップへの取り付け方
  • ウィッグキャップDXのかぶり方
  • リボンウィッグのかぶり方
  • アタッチウィッグのかぶり方
  • クリップヘアを取り付けた帽子のかぶり方
WIG FREE guarantees the quality of all our products,
which are made from synthetic materials that mimic human hair as closely as possible.
Our products look, act and feel like human hair, that is why they are a bit more expensive than some.
But we promise, you will agree they are worth the price.

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