About Us

WigFree Short wigI started making WIG FREE products because a friend with cancer had lost her hair from chemotherapy treatments. Although it is a temporary condition, hair loss during chemotherapy can be agonizing. My friend was thrilled to receive the first WIG FREE and said, "I am so relieved. Now when I go shopping people don't stare at me".
So I created this website because I thought other people might need this product too.
WIG FREE has received such positive feedback that I am working to improve my product even more by making it look more natural.
If you have any ideas about this, please write to me.

WigFree wigHair pieces are very trendy among young people today, so I am offering a fashionable solution at a reasonable price.
Although the material is synthetic, it looks very natural with a hat. My product has no lining so it breathes and is completely cool!

I hope All around the world women will enjoy my products as much as my Japanese friends do.

Mariko Tsuchihashi
Osaka, Japan

WIGFREE guarantees the quality of all our products,
which are made from synthetic materials that mimic human hair as closely as possible.
Our products look, act and feel like human hair, that is why they are a bit more expensive than some.
But we promise, you will agree they are worth the price.

2-9 A3-313 Yamadanishi Suita,Osaka Japan 5650824
TEL: +8190-6676-7661
FAX: +81 6-6878-6440