Caring For WIG FREE

Brush your WIG FREE lightly with a wire brush to style it. You can also use a special wig care oil (available where wigs are sold) to keep it shiny and to prevent static electricity.
All WIG FREE products are hand washable.

Step 1

Caring Step1

Before washing, brush lightly to remove any tangles.
Note: Don’t brush your WIGFREE when wet, as it will damage the hairpiece.

Step 2

Caring Step2

Use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for wigs or a mild detergent containing no alkalis or bleach.
Note: Hand wash your WIGFREE products in cold water with a mild soap. Avoid rubbing and don't put your WIGFREE in the washing machine.

Step 3

Caring Step3

When you are done, remove excess water by patting gently with a towel. Don't wring or squeeze your WIG FREE.
Hang the hair piece and let it dry naturally. Avoid sunlight.
Don't use a blow dryer or any other heated appliances on your WIG FREE.
Don't brush your WIG FREE when it's wet or put it in the dryer.