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MAMM magazine was launched in October 1997. Its debut marked the first consumer publication of its kind: a magazine devoted to meeting the needs of women diagnosed with breast and reproductive cancer. With each issue since then, MAMM has become more and more of a prominent voice in the national and international fight against cancer. And each day, it has become an indispensable resource and ally for readers who have longed to understand more about their diagnosis, improve their quality of life and assess current treatments as well as new therapies on the horizon.
MAMM is for everyone whose lives have been touched by cancer―directly or indirectly.
MAMM is for the millions of women and their families living with cancer. It is for those who have just been diagnosed. It is for longtime survivors. It is for all of us who yearn for a broad range of factual and accessible information about cancer.

MAMM magazine Jan/Feb 2008

MAMM magazine

MAMM magazine Nov/Dec 2007

MAMM magazine Jan/Feb 2008 MAMM magazine Nov/Dec 2007

Patient Resource - A Cancer Treatment and Facilities Guide for Patients and Their Families is designed to provide newly diagnosed cancer patients with the information and resources you need to find the best treatment possible for your cancer so you can survive and thrive through treatment and beyond. The guide features information about cancer, cancer treatment, and treatment facilities available in the United States, along with Web-based resources you can access on your own to increase your knowledge. The guide is designed to be comprehensive, informative, and easy to use.
You will also find in this guide inspirational stories from cancer survivors who tell of their personal experiences facing the emotional turmoil that a diagnosis of cancer can create and working through the emotions to live with and survive their cancer.To order a copy of the guide please visit


2007 Cancer Treatment and Facilities Guide

PatientResource - see our ad on page 109.

PatientResource - see our ad on page 109.

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